Welcome to the Tickartfashion Academy

For more information about this Academy’s activities, you can observe the background of the Academy and the main members of it.

Tickartfashion holds professional courses and training classes in art and fashion fields.  


The Academy’s art, fashion and clothing resume:


For the first time in Iran, holding the “styling course” in IMA fashion academy in Istanbul and organizing 4 courses in Tehran.

 Training 4 “advanced wedding dress” courses, in Istanbul and ESMOD Academy in Dubai,and in several cities of Iran.

Organizing “professional fashion portfolio  training” workshops in Tehran.

Holding “men casual clothing” courses and designing and sewing mantuas and several professional fashion events .

Managing 2 advertisement sessions of Iran clothing union exhibition.

Advertisement managing for  Mr majid Eftekhari, the founder of Asr Jadid brand, for the clothing union election.

Holding script writing, acting and directing classes by Mr Mohammadreza Hosseini.

Managing, workshops, studios, and training classes related to cloth designing, portfolio, styling and in other professional fields.


The main members of Tickartfashion Academy:



Mrs. Shahrzad Zeyaei

The founder of Tickartfashion 

Fashion Designer And Stylist

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Mr. Mohammadreza Hosseini

Director of  fashion marketing

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